We value and greatly appreciate our customers & community.  Here at Alohamondays we are implementing the following practices with extra effort & commitment to keeping our customers, employees & community safe:


This week 3.23.2020 we further our safety protocol with:

1.  We are installing a Take-Out-Window.
2.  Signatures are not needed for Credit Card Payments.
3.  Credit Card Payment on our website will be up and running soon.
4.  If possible please do not use cash payment.
5.  We will move to a cashless operation when the payment via website becomes
      available, for the time being.   


1.  Social Distancing/Sanitation

     a.  Order ahead as usual and we will bring your order to your car or outside the kitchen.

  •         Please text 808.747.1873 when you arrive.
  •         We will appreciate your patience as the process may take us a bit longer.
  •         Parking available in parking lot and along the roadside past the two kitchen doors.

     b.  If an employee is not feeling well he/she will stay home.

     c.  In the kitchen employees will keep hands washed, sanitized &
          use gloves appropriately. Food handling surfaces fully sanitized throughout the day.

     d.  Kitchen entrance, for now, will be for employees & product deliveries only.

     e.  All utensils will be an individually sealed sanitary pack of compostable fork/knife & napkin.

     f.  We still offer deliveries and ask that you allow for flexibility on time,
         with anticipation of an increase in this service.  No charge in Hilo for orders over $75.
         Please plan to meet our delivery vehicle outside of your location.

2.  Payments

   Please note on your order form your payment preference.

          a. Credit Card- Invoice so you can make payment from home/office via square.

              If you wish to pay upon pick up with Credit Card…
              we will bring our phone or iPad out with your order to process. 

              Square is not currently requiring signatures with payment, so hands free!

          b. Check- please prepare ahead.

          c.  Cash- if possible, please have the exact amount in an envelope with your name.

               We appreciate your understanding in this matter

3.  General Community Safety

        a.  We as a team will make every effort to keep our take out & catering business going
             while practicing safety measures for our community, employees & customers.

        b.  Kanoa & I are committed to limit social exposure to business and at home family needs only.

        c.  I am happy to take anyones questions/concerns at

        d.  We will operate the best we can as long as it proves safe to do so.


Mahalo nui loa,

Kanoa, Geana & Da Alohamondays Team